The first sound You ever hear is your mother’s heartbeat. The heart at rest beats around 60 times per minute. You find this tempo relaxing and nice.

Much of the music on Time Out Melody has a tempo like that. And maybe the most important factor is the relation between the tones, the melody and the way it is expressed by instruments and voices.

A catchy melody literally touches you and has a strong healing effect.

Several liable science studies have demonstrated that especially that kind of music influences your ...

> hormone system.
> nervous system, which controls breathing and heart rate.

And it …

> is preventing anxiety and fear.
> has a calming effect.
> also has a pain killing effect.

There was a great study conducted at the University of London during which 30 persons were exposed to music excerpts ranging from happy to sad. Afterwards they were shown images of happy, neutral and sad faces. They should rate the emotions displayed by faces on a 7-point scale, where 1 represented deep sadness and 7 extreme happiness.

The images of the happy faces that was shown were described by participants as extremely happy after they had listened to happy music. And, as much sadder than they actually were, when subjects listened to sad music.

Sad music made misery even more miserable. And what does that tell you? Music magnifies whatever state we are in and it can hugely alter it even if we are feeling good.

Think about it for a second. Have you ever felt really bad and music uplifted you? Or when you felt good and you heard some loud, banging, irritating or horrifying music. How did that made you feel? Didn’t your heart jump in fear for a moment, or maybe sudden sadness overwhelmed you?

Knowing that, we are extremely empowered. We can consciously create a more desirable life by choosing the right kind of music. The one that uplifts us and brings out the best in us.

This is what Time Out Melody music is composed to do. All the music is intentionally composed to alter your state. Just choose the state you are in and want to change from the categories in Time Out Melody and experience the shift.