Time Out Melody has music specially created to uplift you and have a healing effect on your body, helping you to release pain and much more.

Much of the music on Time Out Melody has a tempo similar to the first sound you ever heard, your motherĀ“s heartbeat. This tempo is relaxing and nice. And maybe the most important factor is the relation between the tones, the melody and the way it is expressed by instruments and voices. Have you ever felt really bad and music uplifted you? Or when you felt good and you heard some loud, banging, irritating or horrifying music. How did that make you feel? Did your heart jump in fear for a moment, or maybe sudden sadness overwhelmed you?

Knowing that, we are extremely empowered. We can consciously create a more desirable life by choosing the right kind of music. One that uplifts us and brings out the best in us in that moment.

This is what Time Out Melody music is composed to do. All the music is intentionally composed to alter your state. In the categories section in Time Out Melody, you just choose a state you want to change to and experience the shift.

Theo Newton, also known as Torben Thoger, is an award nominated Danish filmmaker, composer, record producer and recording artist.

Having a growing interest in Holistic Lifestyle and Spirituality he became aware of the healing and balancing effect his music had on his listeners. Worldwide Theo has released several albums during the recent years with his emotional instrumental music. His music has been on the top of the charts in both the United States and India.

This WebApp has a wide selection of the music he has created to help you to relax, release pain and much more.

A full biography of Theo Newton can be found here